Yeraze’s Domain 4.0

Yeraze’s Domain 4.0

Web Dev
November 19, 2022
Randall Hand
Welcome to Yeraze’s Domain 4.0!
So what does that mean? Well, This makes the 4th iteration of my blog over the years. 1.0

Run on a friend’s server using Blosxom . I hosted a bunch of stuff here including college projects, my master’s thesis, screenshots and walkthroughs of video games I was playing at the time (Star Wars Galaxies, remember that?) . Eventually he suffered a server crash and I figured it was a good time to restart. 2.0

For 2.0, I happened to be running at the same time. As such, it ran a very similar infrastructure: Wordpress . I managed to migrate most of my data from 1.0 to 2.0, but all of the comments and timestamps got mangled. This didn’t last very long, and while it was online I never really posted much. 3.0

Back in 2008 I setup .. It didn’t take long before it became a key part of my digital identity, saving receipts, certificates, notes and more. Anyone who knows me knows I would take any opportunity to rave bout Evernote. And once I found out about, I quickly setup
to run my blog off of Evernote content.
Unfortunately, with Evernote quietly fading away (article incoming on this shortly) I’ve been looking around for what to do next. I’ve been working at a Web startup for the last year, learning React & Typescript, so it seemed like a nice time to make a switch. 4.0

So 4.0 is built on Notion, my new favorite notes app. With all of the content saved in Notion, I use the NextJS Notion Starter Kit integrated with Vercel to process it all into what you see here. I’ve made some customizations to enable Disqus comments and even bring in comments from Yeraze3.0, and thanks to the power of Open Source and Github it’s all visible in the repo!