Playing with Google Bard

Playing with Google Bard

Computer Science
Thought Experiments
March 26, 2023
Randall Hand
Recently I got invited to try out Google Bard. I’m a paying Google One member (for photos, primarily) so they sent me the waitlist invite, and within 24 hours I was in.
Cliff notes of trying it out, compared to ChatGPT:
  • it’s faster than ChatGPT. Instead of getting your response token-by-token, you get the full response in one shot, generally within 2-3 seconds.
  • Instead of a single response, you get 3 possible responses and you pick the one you like best.
  • You can upvote and downvote responses, presumably to train the model.
  • Models containing factual information contain links as references to supporting data.
In a sense, it’s a great bit of kit that puts a bit more scientific backing into large-language models. But it’s far from perfect. Some examples:
When asked if it is capable of generating images:
notion image
All 3 responses indicating that it could, via different means. But when asked to do so:
notion image
So I guess I could feed that as a prompt into Midjourney or Dall-E, but that’s definitely not the image it indicated it was capable of.